Well, I’m here

Well, I’m here. I have a blog. While it’s not surprising if you know me, I started this project with some hesitance. Let me explain. I appreciate a lot of things about technology, however I LOVE my privacy. That’s why I work in Lawrence and live in rural Perry. I’m a living oxymoron.

I have a brilliant family who loves beyond compare. We’ve always been that way. I always thought that was normal until I grew into an adult and heard about people disowning their family members. What is that? I will never understand. I’m not saying that my family is perfect, but we end all phone calls with “I love you”, we have our own language (my brother and I at least), we have a blast around each other, and we are always there for each other no matter what.

More than anything I like community (especially the Drupal community), and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and learning new things from others as well. I also enjoy sharing some interesting stories about the Oprah-show-worthy life I’ve lived so far (really it is), and I hope to do a bit of that as well.

We’ll see what happens.



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